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If you were a gamer in 1995, you may remember the release of an adventure game called The Dig. You might have passed it over and forgotten about it til now, as many people did. Perhaps you played the demo and weren't interested in it, or just never remembered to buy it afterwards.
I, however, found the demo very interesting. As my first adventure game, it was an introduction to a genre of puzzles & plot I had never known before. By its own merits, it introduced me to fantastic sights & sounds that left me reeling. I was left with a single, unanswered question: Would there ever be a game like this again?
The answer, as of yet, is no. There has been no sequel to The Dig, and there probably never will be. However we, the fans, can enjoy the game, as well as its accompanying novel & soundtrack over and over again. And now, for the first time ever, we have a Wiki solely devoted to The Dig, to display and centralize all known knowledge of the game.

NitocrisDivinora, administrator of The Dig Wiki

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